On my own

Tekst: Hans Waterman

So bit by bit we got together
And silence may seem all around
They were all surprized
Diceded they know better
Yes we build a home, but deep inside
We knew we´d break down
You´ve got your friend, Ive got myself together
Don´t pity me that I´m without
On my own I really feel so much better
There´s so much new to me again
I hardly had the time to work it out

Maybe it´s time to talk things over
Uncertain thoughts may cross my mind
But you´re freed from all the strain I had to offer
So withold your love, don´t stare at me
‘cause there´s a brandnew road to find

So retreat from my lifestyle, start a new
But don´t feel dismissed
I´ve cared much about you
There´s so much to do
Well the time kills the pain
Unchain feelings denied for so long
Five long years were enoung to find
Where we went wrong


Tekst: Guus Willemse

It seems so hard to understand
That the only one who cared, came to an end
I feel the emptyness like a hole in the sky
Everything seems greay and cold
I even can´t cry
The sunshine on her hair was gold
Living close together, feeling behold
The hunger for eachother was keeping us warm
I found myself back
By looking through her eyes

Looking in the mirror of our lifes
When we´re loosing things, we only memorize
Recollect one´s feelings, and searching for advice
Troubles on our path of life
We have to survive

It happened in September

Tekst: Guus Willemse

He was back in september
It was the same time last year
And everything he did went wrong
Early in his fourties
‘though he did n´t look it at all
believed it real, in the midst of a dream
And those dreams they showed him
He cold n´t fail only succeed
In the deep and dark of his mind
Became aware of the need
In those years that will pass him by
He´ll either live or die

And as he continued dreaming
‘bout the things he never did
when inside his dream
observed his own fantasy
and all that was fiction turned to fact
but than he lost controle
till everything ‘round him, began to fade

It´s only just begun

Tekst: Hans Waterman

Just a lazy morning
we let our dreams unfold
We really can´t be bothered
Don´t leave this lovers road
We flow like rain together
And really worked it out
Will we ever reach the limit
A bright new day is all around

Don´t you think it´s time now
To redo what´s undone
Don´t try to think it over
It´s only just begun

I don´t know how we made it
Last night I caught your eye
Just between two dances
I ran into your life
Let´s follow our disires
Don´t wait untill tonight
Let our senses rule us
Just let it go: it feels allright

100 Words

Tekst: Guus Willemse

Sitting in the room you just left
Thinking of the things you just said to me
Those wonderous words still sounding in my head
Lonelyness is going far away
‘Though we know that love
Is just a sharing feeling
‘Though they say that love is just a play
But you know all the rules
And that is making it not easier
For me

A hundred words a year is not enough
When you're not around to hold me tight
I wonder if I can make it through the night
Only one decision can help

Than I can say the things I wanna say to you
I hardly can explane the crazy things I do
I fly instead of walking
I sing instead of talking
Tomorrow I can hold her
Tomorrow I have told her
I have to tell the world I´m dreaming of her
I have to tell the world, that I love her
Love you