Give some more

Tekst: Guus Willemse

I wasted time by waiting
I wonder why it took me so long, it never came
Since there is no sun above
I found that´s the reason
But now I know for sure, give me some more

Everyday I did things, which I didn´t like
But now I know it´s time to go
The feel has come back, hear this track
Always feeding, on pulses from above
Although I´m not the one to say
I found myself right back, in this place

Sitting in the cold, of wintertimes
My blood ‘s turned to ice, I couldn´t rise
I met failure on my way, and fought against it
Now there is the turning of the days
And it´s called a heat wave


Empty faces

Tekst: Guus Willemse

He's left no fantasy at all
Feeling insecure to everyone outside his world
His word has lost its meaning
Everybody's screaming
He is lost
And never found his way back home again

All the power he had left
Seems to disappear
And no-one helps him out
Feeling sad and lonely
He´s got his money only
Sometimes acting like a fool
But who gave him the chance

Empty faces in the streets he's walking on
He sees listening people there
But no-one can hear
Be aware, be aware
Is there no-one home
To save his life tonight

All the things that he made
They never helped him out
‘Cause no-one's there
Right or wrong is not at stake
Living in the inside world
Where no-body cares